Volkswagen T-Roc R: Officially confirmed for the Geneva Motor Show

The history of the Volkswagen T-Roc R is I could call it a real open secret. It seemed clear since the Volkswagen T-Roc debuted on the market that this compact SUV would have a sporty variant , taking as propellant the famous 2.0 TSI and yielding about 300 hp; that is, like the Golf R. A few minutes ago the brand declared through a brief press release that the T-Roc R will be at the Geneva Motor Show .

The version more prestacional and top of the range of the crossover will be an "R" model. This means that Volkswagen has really worked hard to give it a great set-up and remarkable aesthetic differences with respect to the "conventional" versions. The Volkswagen T-Roc R will be a very sporty and almost unique sports SUV on the market; although it will have to deal with one of the surprises of last year, the Cupra Ateca.

It seems more than clear that the fastest of the T-Roc will take that 2.0 TSI engine previously cited giving a 300 CV . This power will be sent to all four wheels through a system of all-wheel drive that will allow more or less torque to be sent to each axle depending on the needs of each moment. It is to be expected that a double-clutch DSG transmission will not be missing either and, most likely, it will be the only option, not being able to be linked to a manual gearbox.

Everything seems to indicate that the Volkswagen T-Roc R and the Cupra Ateca will be the only models of the C-SUV segment with an all-wheel-drive sporty version of around 300 HP; so in the end all sales will be "at home", in Volkswagen AG. Anyway, they should not relax too much, because surely seeing the great acceptance of the Cupra Ateca, many manufacturers are already developing their particular sports SUV compact size. There are already rumors about a Hyundai Tucson N ...

Only time and the tests will tell us which of the two is better , if the Cupra Ateca or the Volkswagen T-Roc R. For the moment, the German firm boasts that its T-Roc R has been developed and tuned to the legendary layout of Nürburgring . And not only that, but pick up the experience of race drivers like Petter Solberg or Benjamin Leuchter .

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