The third generation of Dacia Sandero could see the light this year

No one can deny that Logan gave Dacia the popularity I needed in Europe . However, it was Sandero , before the Duster arrived, who allowed it to grow like foam. In fact, today it is the best-selling model of the brand wherever it is present. Therefore, Renault is very aware of its evolution and part of its work lies in keeping it updated.

The current generation of Dacia Sandero hit the market in 2012. In these seven years, it has remained on the crest of the wave, but its rivals have caught up. This situation is worrisome for Dacia, because if we add that the Sandero is a product of contained price and that its technology and quality are fair, no They can compete in the market. Therefore, they would be about to present in society the third installment of their urban.

The next Dacia Sandero will change platform and design

Those responsible for Dacia are finalizing the details of the next Sandero. The third installment of this urban, will change platform, using a simplified version of the base CMF-B Clio V. Thanks to it, the results of EuroNCAP should exceed the three stars of the current model. However, there is a reason why Renault needs the Sandero to go on the market as soon as possible.

The independent body tasked with testing the safety of cars in Europe seems to harden the regulations Thus, the next Sandero could plummet, obtaining a worse result than the current model. In addition, they would have to increase their technology load in terms of security. In this way, your development costs would shoot appreciably and therefore, could not compete in the market by price.

As for the mechanical offer , it is expected that the next Dacia Sandero will incorporate the latest Renault engines. Thus, there will be gasoline blocks SCe and TCe and in diesel the new BluedCi . However, it is expected that the official presentation of the third generation of the Sandero will be throughout this year. Its arrival in the market should take place before 2020 , so it is a matter of weeks or months that we know it.

Source - L'argus

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