McLaren Chevrolet and Carlin: the alliance for Fernando Alonso in Indy 500

Fernando Alonso time that would run in the Indy 500 in 2019 as we tell it here in AM. After the break with Honda, everything was suspicious that he would not run with the Japanese engine as he did in the previous edition, the same engine that left him on the verge of victory with a new break that joined the Honda disasters seen in the seasons associated with McLaren. Every time you saw a Honda engine fail with Fernando Alonso it was a feeling of: " Not again! "

As if it was not enough, after the breakup of McLaren-Honda and the new McLaren-Renault era, Fernando Alonso tested the NASCAR Chevrolet of Jon Johnson himself in that famous exchange at the end of last F1 season. And soon after we knew that it would run with General Motors engines in the 24 hours of Daytona, in that case under the name of Cadillac . And that alliance wanted to extend it beyond that and run with the Chevrolet engine in the Indy.

So McLaren will be powered by that American motor company, but this time it will not be under the umbrella of the structure of Mario Andretti as last year, but they will do so with a team of their own that they have registered for the mythical race in banked ovals. Now this news has been known that the associated with Carlin to run there. The famous European firm will be the new owner IndyCar Carlin Motorsport, owned by Trevor Carlin, will be the partners.

We have also known that although McLaren has two cars , it seems that he will not have a teammate, who will run only Fernando Alonso. Carlin does not have extensive experience in Indy, although in other competitions, neither McLaren that from Woking will be in charge of dealing with the technical section and data. We have known that Scott Goodyear, runner-up of the Indy in 1992 and 1967 will be the coach of Fernando Alonso, since Gil de Ferran is busy in F1. In addition, more news will come, as they plan to announce more sponsors for the Indy. I guess those already in F1 as in the previous edition where Alonso participated, Coca-Cola would be interesting ...

Ahh, by the way, will not have the same decoration ! We do not know the colors, but we do know this.

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