The Dacia Duster Pick Up will be a reality thanks to the bodybuilder Romturingia

Dacia Duster Pick Up Romturingia

As with the SUVs s , sales of pick up's do not stop growing. Until recently, they were crude vehicles destined for rural use and work. However, the good work of Toyota ​​strong>, Ford, Nissan or Mitsubishi has democratized them. So much, that brands that until now were not present in it, have been encouraged to launch such a model. The last one that will add to this fashion is the Romanian Dacia , although it is necessary to clarify that it has already had such a model in its range.

The Dacia Duster Pick Up arrived shortly after landing the first generation of the Romanian SUV . However, it was not a product manufactured by the brand, but depended on an external bodybuilder. The fact is that, over time, this model has grown in importance and as the sales accompany, they have decided to work on their relief. For this, the bodybuilder Romturingia got down to work and recarrozó the Duster of current generation to change its concept.

Romturingia will be the one who makes the Dacia Duster Pick Up

 Dacia Duster Pick Up Romturingia

In this way, we have arrived at the Hanover Trade Show for Commercial Vehicles to be held in this days. In the Bavarian appointment, Romturingia has exhibited the latest version that has made the Dacia Duster Pick Up leaving very good taste. So welcome has been his welcome, that the brand and the bodybuilder have confirmed that they will proceed to the series production of this model.

For this, they will be based on the versions with total traction of the Duster . To them, they will add some elevated suspensions and predictably, the same mechanical range as the model we already know. In addition, and as it happened with the previous generation, the production will be in charge of Romturingia . In this way, what orders will be made through your website. The main change will be in the number of units to be manufactured, as the previous Duster Pick Up was limited to 500 pieces .

All in all, for now the Dacia Duster Pick Up they have shown is a prototype. In any case, its design will not vary much, because it maintains the basic essence of the Romanian road. It will be necessary to see when it arrives at the market (it is rumored that in 2019) and what is its price chart . Even so, we are sure that it will be a success, because it should not be much more expensive than his brother closed. For now we do not know if it will reach our country, but we do not rule out this possibility entirely.

Source - Romturingia - Dacia

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