Could we replace our driving license with a mobile App?

App My Argentina driver's license

Statistics say that today's young people They think more about technology than having the driving license . Until recently, we were looking forward to obtaining this permit, as it gave us great freedom. However, traffic restrictions and the high cost of living make it unfeasible for them to have a car . To this, we must add that the technology has replaced, in part, the feeling of freedom that I spoke to you before.

In any case, technology wants young people of the 21st century are reconciled with the driver's license. In this way, we have to travel to Argentina , because the South American country offers a very curious digital advance. The government of this country proposes that its citizens download a Mobile App to manage their documents . Among them, the driver's license, because your license will go from being physical to being digital.

My Argentina allows you to carry the documentation on your mobile phone

My Argentina , this is the name of the mobile application that will simplify the lives of Argentines. In this app, available in the Apple Store and Google Play , all user data is uploaded and subsequently verified by email. In the driving section, the data relating to the license and vehicle documentation are recorded. These data, after being verified by the competent authority, have the same validity as the physical ones.

In this way, the user can forget about taking the documentation over . Thus, in case the police request some information, the user will show the mobile with the information loaded. The agent of the law will only have to verify the identity of the mobile carrier through the government databases. In addition, the application is responsible for notifying the user of the possible expiration of the documents in it consigned.

Before a hack, could we lose our documentation?

 App My Argentina driving license

What do you think about driving your car on your mobile? advance is significant, since it also allows us to forget about carrying documents. However, is it safe? Would our identity be safe if our mobile was stolen? What if we lose it? What if he runs out of battery? These same issues are those that we raised with the payment by card and NFC system.

Today, many people may think it is a delay, but we must not forget that it is the future . My Argentina takes a very important step forward to make our lives easier. In any case, we must bear in mind that currently three generations coexist: digital natives, non-natives and those who are between them. Therefore, this is a good step to move towards the documentation 3.0. What do you think?

Source - Government of Argentina

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